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It is an advantage to obtain as much information as possible concerning your child's learning style and competencies. You will then be more knowledgeable about applying this information to the available educational options. IQ testing is the main method by which an assignment is made into gifted programs. In some counties, the process may begin when a teacher or parent refers a child for placement on a list for "gifted screening". If the student attains the score decided upon by the school system, s/he is referred to the School Psychologist for a more comprehensive individual intelligence assessment. If the child then satisfies the eligibility requirement (usually an IQ of 130), and demonstrates a need for a gifted program, placement is made.

Private Gifted Assessments

In the event that the necessary levels are not achieved at that time, a year must pass to restart the process, and often the schools have a backlog, which may cause your child to miss out on the program for the next year.  Parents may choose to engage the services of an independent Licensed School Psychologist to administer an alternative assessment, or can opt to expedite the entire school process altogether, to ensure that deadlines are met. A private School Psychologist has the distinct advantage of flexibility to best meet the needs of the families involved; the student has the chance to plan his/her day, to be mentally prepared without being pulled out of class at an inopportune time, or having to worry about missing an event. A comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is essential for the student's best performance, with breaks taken as needed.
I have had many years of experience in working with children of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities, as well as the ability to encourage children to work to their maximum capacity, with no untoward apprehension during the session. This elicits the most optimum responses, which can result in the highest test score possible at that time.

Gifted Programs

 Gifted programs provide a challenging education for students who demonstrate talent in intellectual, academic, and/or creative areas. Gifted curriculums are intensified, allowing for the more in-depth understanding and interests of the gifted learner. Critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills are stressed. Students are grouped together and taught by teachers specially trained and certified in gifted education. These instructors help the child realize his/her true potential through enrichment, awareness activities, and academics. Students have the opportunity to interact and grow with others who may similarly think outside the box.


“My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young
 and inflame their intellects.” 
Robert Maynard Hutchins, educational philosopher

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