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As the parent of a gifted child, I completely understand your incentive to find the best services and outcomes for your child, so as to ensure a challenging educational curriculum. Our job as parents is to help maximize our children's potential so they can fulfill their future goals! The sooner your child's learning style is identified, the sooner s/he can access enriching resources.

If you are interested in having me evaluate your child, we'll first have a phone consultation, and then I will send you an “Intake” form, regarding your child's strengths, weaknesses and interests. I also suggest ways to ensure the most optimum results. We schedule an appointment at your convenience, and discuss the scores later that same day. A written report will be forwarded within three or four days.  I am available to consult with school personnel if you wish, but otherwise, all information is confidential. 

Limited Saturday appointments are available for an additional fee of $25.

Discounts for additional siblings evaluated within 2 months; 10% for second child.
Full payment is due on the date of service, by check or cash only.   

I am not an in-network provider for any medical insurance plan. I can furnish an itemized receipt and/or will complete a commonly accepted insurance claim form upon request.

Gifted Tests and Fees

Intelligence tests measure some combination of verbal abilities, nonverbal problem solving, memory, processing speed, and visual-spatial processing. The selection of instrument will be made during a consultation. 

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales-2 ($230)

The RIAS-2 consists of two Verbal and two Nonverbal sub-tests which comprise a Composite Intelligence Index. The Verbal sections measure verbal problem solving and verbal reasoning where acquired knowledge and skills are important. The Nonverbal portion measures reasoning and spatial ability with items that are mainly nonverbal. Since learning is connected with Memory, there are 2 optional Memory subtests (+$25) that help give a complete picture of a child's potential.

                                                  The Stanford-Binet-5 ($385)

The SB-5 consists of five factors: Fluid Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Knowledge, Visual-Spatial Processing and Working Memory in both verbal and non-verbal domains.  It is largely untimed.


"The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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